Project History

The Arc of Washington State & Wovie Studios 

For over sixty-nine years, The Arc of Washington State (The Arc) has been a leader in the development of services and programs for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. The Arc is a non-profit organization composed of individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, professionals and concerned members of the community.

As dedicated advocates for the rights of people with developmental disabilities, The Arc has participated in many creative endeavors over the years. The Arc intends this documentary project to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities through public awareness. By educating people and by introducing them to individuals with developmental disabilities who are often stigmatized and isolated, it is The Arc’s aim to raise public awareness about the value of inclusion and self-determination of people who have developmental disabilities.

The Arc has engaged Wovie to produce this multimedia documentary project. Wovie is a digital media arts studio dedicated to advancing healing, tolerance and diversity. The Arc and Wovie have worked together to produce a series of informational videos intended for individuals with disabilities and their families. The success of their collaboration and their shared commitment to civil rights inspired this multimedia documentary project.

Incorporated in 2000, Wovie has a track record of innovative video and film production. They have worked with prominent state and private agencies to produce animated and live-action educational and informational projects, and in 2002, they released the award-winning feature film, Group.