The FAIR multimedia project documents the quest for inclusion and an end to social segregation by a group of people whose lives have gone unnoticed and devalued by society throughout history.  Once institutionalized and denied an inclusive education, an entire population of individuals has been sorted, labeled, and shelved away based solely on cognitive and neurological conditions. Even after all these years of gradual progress toward physical integration, they continue to fight against prejudice and social isolation.

Despite their personal and collective struggles to live typical lives, the diverse subjects of this documentary project are united by the determination to make society a better place for themselves and for everyone.

Kenny Miller

Kenny Miller

Self Advocates In Leadership, SAIL, is an advocacy group made up of people with developmental disabilities from around the state of Washington. This documentary project follows the members of SAIL for a year as they strategize, plan, and implement their legislative campaign: “FAIR.”  FAIR stands for: Freedom, Access, Independence and Respect – values that encompass an individual’s right to education, housing, health care, employment, transportation and all the benefits of a free society.

FAIR documents an American story – of a highly organized and tireless civil rights movement.

FAIR captures a timely story – of conventional democratic systems reinvigorated by the citizens who employ them.

FAIR makes personal stories public –  the stories of Ken, Mike, Emily, Adrian, Dewey, Larry, Robert, Lacey, Heather, Sean, Sharon, Kenny, John and many more. 

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